The New Us : The Next Chapter

It’s a whole year since I updated this blog and there has been some major changes since my last entry. I have been meaning to write about this past year but I struggled with organizing my thoughts.

July 2022, I made the difficult decision to put Shawn, my husband, into Long Term Care after caring for him at home for 14 years. I decided to continue with my blog and write about not only what happened over the last year but what life is like now for us. I will always be a caregiver but my role has changed to make my life important as well. I belong to a TBI Wives (Traumatic Brain Injury) page on Facebook and I have been seeing more and more wives feeling how I was feeling. When you get to the point of complete burnout mentally, emotionally and physically and have to make very hard decisions for your life and your spouses life as well. This blog will still be about Life As A Caregiver, just a new chapter.

Stay Tuned

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