Celebrating the accident anniversary

Well we just past the anniversary of the date you don’t ever want to remember again but also the date we can’t ever forgot.  We acknowledge this date because 7 years, March 12, 2008 was the date that our lives were impacted so greatly.  To some people it may seem strange or depressing to remember a day so traumatic but how can we not acknowledge it.  Everything we knew, who we were and who we are now was all impacted from that date.  There are lots of dates throughout our lives that we remember and luckily most are happier memories but some are not.   Just today for example, I was doing some spring cleaning and getting rid of old clothes and stuff we no longer wear in our closet and I come across the same old stuff of Shawn’s that I just refuse to throw out.  He no longer wears a certain pair of pyjama bottoms or an old hoodie that is just to hard or too small to get on but I refuse to throw them out.  They are things we owned before the accident and I can still picture him wearing them today.  They are nothing fancy or expensive but they remind me so much of him pre-accident that I will never throw them out.  It is almost liking going through the belongings of someone that passes away and you just can’t get yourself to get rid of them, that is how I feel, except Shawn is still here.  In a way though it is the same because with a brain injury part of that person is gone so you always feel that loss.  I rarely think about about that time in lives anymore except in times like today when I see those old clothes and I make sure they stay in the “keep” pile.  So each year on this anniversary, I will not allow myself to get sad and mournful about what happened 7 years ago but I will celebrate our strength and our love.  I will remind myself that no matter how crappy things are, I have my soulmate by my side and he survived and is with me everyday to enjoy life with.

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