You never know what you are capable of

Every now and then I get praise from people I barely know. As much as it is nice to hear once and while, it is also a bit embarassing. I am no saint or different then anyone else really. Most people don’t know how they would react in the same situation and they assume they would act different than I did. Yes I am and have always been a strong person but I don’t know how much that plays a part in it all.  I honestly believe my deep true love for Shawn is what impacted the way I handled what has happened. The other stuff like the “business” side of it definitely takes a certain kind of person.  While most people can become the detailed organized “take no nonsense” type, I was always that person. So in that regards, yes it does take a certain kind of person. However, not every situation requires you be to like that, having to handle life living with someone who has extensive needs like Shawn. It just helps that is for sure!! The fact that I didn’t run for the hills and stayed and dealt with our new life is definitely the result of not ever wanting to leave my soulmate and the man I love with all my heart.  I remember sitting in that first initial family meeting just weeks after Shawn’s accident and being told there was a slime chance he would ever return to living at home.  Instead of breaking down and giving up, I thought “well, that is never going to happen so I need to figure out what I need to do to make sure he comes home”.  I never gave up and no matter how hard things got and how difficult the situation became I always knew that I would never give up.

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