Today I am thankful for so much.

Well since today it is Thanksgiving and without sounding cheesy, I really do have a lot to be thankful. As much as life has been traumatic and stressful these last few years, at least I still have my family together to celebrate it with. I have known many families over the years through the brain injury world that have had significantly harder struggles than we have had. For those that I have met over the years, whether at the hospital, during rehab or even at the multiple brain injury events and conferences I have attended, I think of them often. I read a quote recently that put so much in perspective, and made me appreciate and be thankful for what I have and not for what I have lost. The quote was “The things you take for granted. Someone else is praying for”.  There are families out there that I have met personally that would give anything to hear their loved one speak or even express themselves non-verbally, be able to move around independently in their wheelchair and most importantly be able to have them at home but cannot due to the overwhelming medical needs. So yes, I am thankful today because my husband can do all of those things and we can live our lives together in our “new normal”. 

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