Things are finally moving in the right direction

In my last blog entry I wrote about this new chapter in Shawn’s rehab on the Physio side. I have to mention that this isn’t necessarily a new chapter, but a bit of a catch up to where he was when we left the city we used to live. In past blogs, I wrote about the challenges we have encountered since moving and this is another perfect example. His new PT actually apologized to Shawn that there has been an interruption in his physio and lost some of the gains that took years to accomplish. However, we don’t want to look back but look forward. We talked about short and long term goals and in those long term goals was the word “walking”. Not walking like losing the wheelchair but actually the possibility of taking 1-15 steps with assistance with a quad cane. I am so excited that this may be something that could be accomplished. It has been so long since anyone thought this was even possible for Shawn. It brought such hope back for the both of us, especially him. I think a part of him had given up on it ever being possible. He worked harder in that first one hour session than I have seen from him in over a year. I am very excited to be able to share this new chapter with everyone as it has brought back a bright light that seemed to be dimming over the last few years. 

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