Having hope

Just this past week Shawn and I had a chance to meet with a Physiotherapist that just started her practice specializing in brain injury.  You go to these initial meetings, post injury of 6 years, and you know you are less optimistic than you were in the beginning. I sat in this meeting feeling like the person I was so critical of just a few years ago. This new therapist was so full of life and energy and she talked about all the things she was going to try to get Shawn to do. As I sat there listening, I thought about how it had all been tried before without much success.  A few times I interjected and let her know how attempts had been made with her suggested course of treatment and it was unsuccessful. Then I stopped myself because I realized I had lost a bit of the drive and passion and hope I had a few years back. Just because it has been 6 years doesn’t mean that gains aren’t still possible. I think about his progress with his speech and how people are still telling us how clear and easier to understand he has become since just 6 months ago.  So why can’t the physical deficits have the same improvements after all these years. This just may be the time to try all those failed attempts at the standing and walking he tried in the early days. I found myself having hope again and it is the most amazing feeling.  


  1. Whether that is a be-all end-all solution or not, that is a great development. At least you are pushing forward with inspecting Shawn's condition and remedying it decisively. While it may seem routine, I hope that leads to an external discovery, as well as an internal one for you with regard to the nature of her condition and what may have ultimately caused it. In any case, I hope that everything is doing well for her. Thanks for sharing that, Nancy! All the best!

    Sabrina Craig @ Medical Attorney NY


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