A truly amazing man

I sit here and I look at Shawn and wonder how he does it.  I wonder how he can sit and watch golf on TV and listen to his friends talk about a recent golf game they had and he stays so positive. Yes he misses playing his favourite sport but instead of becoming angry or upset that he will never do it again, he just accepts it. I wonder what goes through his head when he watches his friends help out with home maintenance repairs that I can not do and he is not able to do. He doesn’t get resentful but extremely proud that he has such supportive friends who lend a hand when needed.  Even when he crosses paths with past friends, who no longer acknowledge him, due to whatever reasons they use to justify their behaviour, he remains positive. Instead of being angry with those people, he feels bad for them that they don’t feel they can speak to him to see that he is still the same person. All of these actions just reinforce how I feel about this amazing man and who he was before the accident and who he still is. If a brain injury emphasizes a certain personality trait that someone already has, then I consider myself lucky that the amazing man I feel in love with, is just as amazing if not more than before. 

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