Still waiting for the calm after the storm….

It has been roughly 2 months since we made the “big” move to another city.  You would think once again that it would be a smooth transition based on the fact it is the same province but guess again.  Not only is the home support completely less than we previously were provided but the rehab support as well.  Due to Shawn’s complicated and extensive rehab support needs I started the search process about 6 months before our move.  I figured it would be fairly simple to find SLP, OT and PT so I started my search with finding Rehab Support Workers.  I had discussed Shawn’s needs with the only real rehab support company in the area and was reassured that they would have the appropriate staff available and the rehab routine would take no delay in transitioning over once we moved.  You can only imagine my relief in knowing that this HUGE part of Shawn’s rehab was taken care of.  Well guess what?!  The rehab staff in our new city doesn’t provide toileting to their clients.  It is considered a personal support workers job I was told.  So I was very confused because surely Shawn could not be the only client ever needing assistance in this way in this area that was doing rehab in the home.  I never was given a straight forward answer because they said he wasn’t but they continued to express that their workers did not provide that level of support.  Needless to say it was yet another blow in what was suppose to be a smooth transition and a better quality of life for not only Shawn but our family.  It has been 2 months and we actively continue to fill the void in his rehab day and just recently we finally look like we may be heading in the right direction.  This may have been a very negative experience for us, however the silver lining is that the rehab support company told me that they realize how they need to reassess their hiring procedures and look for individuals with that specific skill set.  I feel like I am changing the mindset of this industry in this city one step at a time 🙂

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