Just moved a few hours not another country

It has been such a long time since I updated my blog but I think the time is right to get back in the saddle and advocate again for not only brain injury survivors but their spouses as well.  Recently we made the decision to move back to my husband’s hometown.  It was something we had always planned on but the timing was never right and it seemed it would be now or never.  The overall pros to make the move and the real motivation was the quality of life for us as a family.  The amount of family and friends were the main factor and the only reason we delayed our move was because I wasn’t sure what the home healthcare and rehab support would be like in this new city.  Boy was I right in waiting it out until Shawn’s rehab was on auto pilot!!!!!!  
We only moved 3 hours, within the same province, but you would think that we moved not only to a new province but a new country.  The treatment we have received since moving here has caused so much stress for us but been completely overwhelming for me as the primary caregiver.  Never in the 5 years since Shawn’s accident have I ever felt like my needs and emotional well being was so irrelevant.  You hear all about the push for people in this province to grow old at home and for the disabled to stay at home but they certainly don’t make it easy for anyone.  All the services that we had in place for personal care and homemaking are pretty much non existent now.  The most tiniest of tasks is considered a “special function” and either can not be performed or be trained by a supervisor and that does not happen very quickly.  The good old CCAC (Community Care Access Centre) that is responsible for allocating the funding they receive from the government is all about “well why can’t you just do that” or “we don’t offer that service here in this area”.  They withdrew all the hours and care Shawn received and we had to fight and battle to get back what we already had in place and even then we are without ALOT of what we did have.  There is another agency that picks up the slack called Attendant Outreach and when we were referred to that agency we were told that the waitlist is indefinite so they could not give me any idea of how long until we qualify for assistance.  If you ever hear that these agencies care about the senior or disabled or the caregivers of these people they are completely full of crap….. or at least in southeast Ontario they are.  I won’t even get into the substandard, impersonal level of care that the personal support company that has been contracted out by CCAC offer.  I will save that mess for my next blog.  I don’t expect to change the way things operate here but I will advocate for those that are dealing with it and probably don’t even know how good others in the province have it!!!!!!!!

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