To all those Spouses and Partners..there is HOPE

The idea of creating this blog has been an idea for a long time of mine.  When my husband had his accident I scoured the internet for stories and experiences to try and gain some insight into what to expect.  What I did find was a number of stories, while informative, but just not exactly the severity that I knew early on that I would be dealing with.  It was never a question in my mind that I would do whatever it took to bring the love of my life back to the best possible life that we could  have together… The New Us.  The purpose of this blog is to not only reflect on events in the past but also the future and how you can experience a pretty close to normal  (or the new normal as we call it) happy life.  I would love to share with not only spouses but family members, loved ones, survivors and maybe even professionals will find it informative as well.  We are fortunate enough to do some travelling and yes it is possible to have some pretty great family vacations still!!  So I will share our travel experiences, therapies that have worked and not worked for us, and overall things I have learned along the way.  I hope it will help others especially loved ones since the unknown is very scary.  I welcome any comments and suggestions along the way.  Thanks for reading 🙂


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